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Clife is one of the premium company which is providing free health service across India, Clife have a goals to create health awareness and introducing ancient health healing skills, in order to maintain healthy  human life style  and making healthy family in our society. At present in India the family’s most of the earnings spent on health problem purposes, so our company is concern with who don’t have  money, who are unable get good  health from medicine, our therapy will helps to healing them problems with out any medicine, No injection, No surgery ,only through vitamin ‘D’ management and blood circulation skills , with ancient healing skills of thermal acupressure exercise therapy.

Scientifically-Proven Benefits of CLIFE Jade Products:

Many scientific studies conducted in the last few years confirmed that healing products incorporating semi-precious gemstones such as jade are effective when it comes to treating different medical conditions.

In the world most peoples unable to get good sunlight, due to busy life, every year millions of people attacking chronicle death due to vitamin “d” deficiency.
Two types of vitamin “D”
1. Artificial Vitamin D ( tablets)
2. Natural Vitamin “D”.( Sunlight)

you want more details about Vitamin “D” pls click “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3356951/”

In the Spanish countries most of the peoples suffering vitamin “d” deficiency. they are using buddist jade stone therapy for avoiding chronicle death of vitamin deficiency.

Many of the countries have the problem of sunlight deficiency. the graph shows below many countries facing vitamin “d” deficiency.

Just check the map why many countries people using jade stone treatment

Jade is a natural stone when heating the stone it emits infrared rays, these rays available in the morning and evening from the sun.

In ancient times, much evidence has shown, the stone is the best healing skill today japan, Korea, China, etc many of the countries believed this ancient therapy technics, This therapy will help to healing the many kinds of health problems. such as blood circulation related disease,cholesterol-related diseases, hormones related to diseases. etc.

Early Use of Jade in Tools

People have used jade for at least 100,000 years. The earliest objects made from jade were tools. Jade is a very hard material and is used as a tool because it is extremely tough and breaks to form sharp edges.

Most jade does not have a color and translucence that is expected in a gemstone. However, when early people found these special pieces of jade, they were often inspired to craft them into a special object.

“Toughness” is the ability of a material to resist fracturing when subjected to stress. “Hardness” is the ability of a material to resist abrasion. Early toolmakers took advantage of these properties of jade and formed it into cutting tools and weapons. It was used to make axes, projectile points, knives, scrapers, and other sharp objects for cutting.

Clife have objective making healthy generation give good health message to next generation .

Clife Objective shows two pictures just analyse your self ..

Do you want to live like this?
after retired your parents health?
HBP,sugar ,pains enough makes early age of chronicle death.
Chemical food your children health?
chemicalised food makes cancer,obesity etc
Daily exercise or clife therapy.
secure healthy family
give message to next generation .
exercise is best medicines .

clife therapy is the one kind exercise therapy who are unable do exercise this therapy helps to improving the good blood circulation and detoxification process.
Note : callories indication in terms of blood circulation only .

start clife therapy as soon

live healthy and quality sleep.